The Method

Individual "in need" enrolls in our "out-patient" program 

Day 1:  Attends an orientation class (jobs class). This where we start the process of providing the individual a "NEW START IN LIFE".  We "EMPOWER" individuals to become the person God intended them to be.  It doesn't matter who you were yesterday, with God's grace and our guidance, tomorrow you could be whoever and whatever you want. In our jobs class, we identify the areas we need to assist; addiction, warrants, drivers license, family reunification, employment, stability, etc. The Individual is given homework; research/soul searching.  We have many people who would like our services, but not all are willing to do the work!  We start the credit repair process.  It could take some individuals 12 months to become credit worthy for home ownership. 

Day 30:  Arrange interim employment; construction, telemarketing, barista, etc.  We evaluate work ethic and motivation to progress.  When you hire individuals off the street, 5 of 10 last 12 months in our program.

Day 90:  Stabilize housing, begin job training for career employment, address any ongoing issues with obtaining a drivers' license, explore vocational rehab options. Our individuals repay over $30,000 in taxes and savings to the community.  Over the next 3 years: $2,400 in employment taxes, $3,000 in food stamp savings, $1,200 in savings in Obama Care, $4,300 in emergency room visits. TOTAL SAVINGS PER YEAR = $11,900.

Day 180:  The individual should have stable employment, a bank account, a vehicle, CHARACTER & SELF ESTEEM. Then, we start the home ownership process. 

Day 210-365:  The individual will have the opportunity to have full time employment, reliable transportation, a family or support group, and benefits. 

End of Program: "HOME OWNERSHIP"  We work with a lender who, upon graduation, will offer a 97% conventional 1st mortgage.