Homeless 2 Homeownership Inc.


Homeless 2 Homeownership is a 501 C 3 Not 4 Profit organization whose mission is to assist the AT RISK community with the tools necessary to be a productive, tax-paying, self-sufficient member of society. 


H2H has assisted over 16,000 individuals: addicts, veterans, ex-felons, The Abused, homeless who are Tired of being Homeless, any person who desires a Better Life. 


Education, We provide legal assistance (navigating the legal process), Job Training, Job Placement, Regaining their Driver's License (quite a popular service),

Family unification

Credit Repair


Our typical graduate is: clean & sober 12 consecutive months employed 12 consecutive months, has a driver's license, stable living, family and community support. We then offer an opportunity for homeownership regardless of their credit upon program entry.


While success in the country is 3% treating addiction YEP, 3 % at a cost of $24,000 per attempt, and it typically takes an addict 5 attempts to realize sobriety, H2H operates at a 52% success rate 12 months later. It doesn't take money to change a life.

What We Do No Other Rehab Does, Period.


Homeless 2 Homeownership assists the public through life rehabilitation programs. This includes assistance overcoming drug & alcohol abuse, legal process (warrants, probation, parole), drivers license, family reunification, resume building, job placement & training, transportation, credit repair, and home ownership. Once our program participants retain steady employment and build their credit, we will help them with the purchase one of our rehabilitated homes.

We empower the individual while guiding them through the process of becoming  the person they were intended to be.


We believe in comeback stories! 


We Do Recovery!


First Steps

We empower an individual through education, awareness and hope. Once they are CLEAN, SOBER and thinking clearly, they have complete control of their behavior. Individuals will attend an orientation class where we start the process of providing the individual a NEW START IN LIFE.  We EMPOWER individuals to become the person God intended them to be. In our jobs class, we identify the areas we need to assist: overcoming addiction, navigating legal obstacles (warrants, probation, parole), obtaining drivers license, family reunification, employment, stability, etc.  We have many people who would like our services, but not all are willing to do the work!

Boot Camp

We clean up all the garbage they have amassed over the years. Part of the problem with treatment is once a decision is made to get clean & sober they are faced with a wall of garbage, we offer individuals a NEW START! We evaluate work ethic and motivation to progress and arrange interim employment, based on their unique strengths; construction, telemarketing, barista, etc. In the following weeks, the individual should have stable employment, a bank account, a vehicle, a family or support group, and develop positive character qualities. Then, we start the home ownership process.

Next Steps

House Painting

How We Are Funded

Unlike the other not for profits, we build our program through real estate investment. We are a self sufficient 501(c)3. All profits are reinvested into our program.  We have purchased hundreds of distressed properties and rehabbed them into affordable homes for our program participants for over 14 years.  We have been managing the complete rehab, while simultaneously rehabilitating lives.  Helping people become successful in their everyday life and acquiring a family home is our passion.  We have helped people from many different walks of life and have offered a "hand-up" regardless of their rocky past. 


1126 Royal Palm Beach Blvd. Suite 317

Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411


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